Presentation Art Deck, initial encounter

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Break up your ICD-10 training course with a little fun! Turn that project plan overview meeting from sleepy to the talk of the team!

This professionally designed presentation is complete with 52 slides of artwork and ICD-10 codes set up to please your audience. You can turn it into a guessing game by showing the art, then the code. Or use the combo slides with both art and code. Play the deck on loop in the background over lunch. Possibilities are endless!

Download as a PPTX, PPT, or PDF. Compatible with Mac or PC.

Deck, initial encounter includes:
  • R14.1 - Gas pain
  • T50.5x6A - Underdosing of appetite depressants, initial encounter
  • T78.04xA - Anaphylactic shock due to fruits and vegetables, initial encounter
  • V32.1xxS - Passenger in three-wheeled motor vehicle injured in collision with two- or three-wheeled motor vehicle in nontraffic accident, sequela
  • V91.30xA - Hit or struck by falling object due to accident on merchant ship, initial encounter
  • V97.33xD - Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter
  • V96.00xS - Unspecified balloon accident injuring occupant, sequela
  • W01.190A - Fall on same level from slipping, tripping and stumbling with subsequent striking against furniture, initial encounter
  • W30.3xxS - Contact with grain storage elevator, sequela
  • W56.22xA - Struck by orca, initial encounter
  • W56.49 - Other contact with shark
  • X52 - Prolonged stay in weightless environment
  • Y93.D1 - Activity, knitting and crocheting
  • Z62.891 - Sibling rivalry
  • Z63.1 - Problems in relationship with in-laws
  • Z73.1 - Type A behavior pattern
  • Z89.419 - Acquired absence of unspecified great toe

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